Read my testimonials.

"Before I met Zoe, I had just lived the lowest low I had known. The rapid succession of a serious accident, a death in the family, the end of my marriage, and the inevitable broken heart that followed, had me down and I got lost. Not just emotionally, but physically, too, abuse had become routine. I had lost a lot of weight, smoked and drank too much and holed myself up. My life happened randomly. Good Fortune led me to Zoe. By telling stories, expressing thought, asking questions and sometimes with just a few words, Zoe and I built the bridges any progress required. Through presentation of an alternate view, regardless of rationality, Zoe enabled me to look at my situation from the inside and the outside. Zoe’s guidance and deep knowledge of the human condition enabled me to re-join the world and become whole again."
"The main reason I appreciated Zoe was because she gave my daughter the ability to be heard when she felt her home life was not that place. She was able to facilitate and deflate what we call teenage angst but added the support I needed when we were in mid crisis. I have tremendous gratitude for her skills and sense of calm. I will refer her any time."
"Zoe helped me overcome my depression with her sensitivity, humor, and practical advice. Struggling with a toxic work environment and a new baby at home, I felt worthless, hopeless, and overcome with anxiety. Zoe radiates an uncommon warmth and openness. She made me feel safe and supported from our very first session together. She encouraged–but did not push–anti-depressant medication, and assured me that things would improve. Over several months, Zoe and I met weekly to discuss everything from my daily, mundane challenges at work and home, to my childhood experiences. We examined unhealthy patterns in my relationships and obsessive thoughts. My sadness, which had settled in the fall, had dissipated by summer. I am grateful to Zoe for her help and I would definitely recommend her to those struggling with similar problems."
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