Individual Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

My general approach to therapy is an eclectic one; I draw from a number of psychological philosophies and theories. Mainly, I am a person-centered therapist, which means I consider you to be the center of the therapy and always consider your goals first. I also use systems theory, which takes into account the dynamics surrounding an individual, including family, social, cultural, educational and occupational environments. When behaviors, thoughts, or attitudes are getting in the way of reaching your goals, I draw from dialectical behavior therapy which balances acceptance of current situations with the need to change.

Transitional Therapy

I also specialize in providing counseling for people who are dealing with major life transitions. Whether it be moving to a new city, graduating university, becoming a parent, getting married, divorced, or dealing with a recent death of a loved one, I can help you tolerate the anxiety of change and discomfort while processing the layers of emotions that can surface during any loss or gain.

Bereavement Therapy

I provide therapy for clients who have recently lost a loved one. Together we work through the phases of grief, anger, denial, bargaining, acceptance, and depression. Grief work can be both healing and extremely transformational.

Couples Therapy

I  have studied under Esther Perel for one year, and understand believe in an eclectic approach to couples work. I observe the communication dynamic between two people and together we shift the communication dynamic so that both persons have their needs met in a healthy and whole manner. For readers out there, I highly recommend the book, Mating In Captivity.

Feel free to contact Zoe Hicks at or via her cell at (310) 968-4502 for more information regarding counseling.

Divorce Mediation

I provide divorce mediation for couples working thru divorce. I have been trained by the New Jersey Association of Mediators. I do believe it is the most cost effective, empowering and important actions to take during the painful process of separation, divorce and rebuilding your partnership from one of romantic love to one of co-parenting. To avoid dual relationships, I do not provide mediation for couples who I have provided psychotherapy for.  Divorce mediation is not psychotherapy. It is a separate service that I provide, because I believe professional licensed clinicians have the skill set built in for effective mediation.  For  mediation please contact me at

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