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Medication and Neuroplasticity

Medicine, to be or not to be medicated?

I am a firm believer that medicine is necessary for many people, not everyone though.  I do believe in alternative treatments, I also believe medicine is an incredibly valuable necessary component to brain health, to cure some mental illnesses.  Just like a body that suffers diabetes needs insulin, a body that suffers Bipolar I or II disorder needs medicine.

But what about neuroplasticity, the ability for the brain to change with meditation or exercise or affirmations, etc?

I do believe the brain can change, but not completely. The brain is an organ. Like a kidney, or a heart, or the skin.  Sometimes, we have an illness that I like to call a brain illness, because when we say mental illness, people translate that as a character flaw, “If I just try harder…”

Medication alone does not cure the human condition.

We are here to feel both the bad and the good. Basically, if the bad was not that bad, the good would not be that good.   As Americans, we are taught that life is supposed to be easy and comfortable. So when things are hard, we think something is wrong.  Hard does not mean wrong, life being hard sometimes is part of it all.  It is when your life is hit by wave after wave of difficulties and hardship or extreme loneliness, that therapy can be really helpful.

Sometimes, for the therapy to have traction though, the brain needs medicine.

According to the World Health Organization, suicide is the second leading cause of death between 15-29 year old globally. I think it is this idea that medicine is not necessary for the brain, this magical belief that the brain is not an organ but a cluster of thoughts swimming around in our skull. The brain is an organ, and sometimes a person will become sick if he or she does not have medicine.  I do believe if we treated diabetes as a character flaw and something to hide, that would be the second leading cause of death amongst 15-29 year.


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