Diet and Depression

Diet and depression
Diet and more diets… lead to depression? Or cause it?

Diet and depression.

There a many many diets out there targeting depression and anxiety. Is there a correlation between diet and depression?  Maybe…studies are on the rise. Many diets proclaim this and unfortunately some of these encourage people to quit their medicine.  The Keto diet, the Kelly Brogdan diet, the Paleo diet, Medical Medium Anthony Williams has a diet.  So, where to begin and where to go? What are the pitfalls and triumphs regarding this?

My feeling, is that essentially these diets are very difficult to follow. If you can, and the diet feels great, and helps you with your moods go for it.

There are psychological components here that are worrisome.

A new eating disorder is on the rise due to these excessively restrictive diets called orthorexia. Orthorexia is an intense obsession with eating healthy. The excessive restriction of unhealthy foods to the point to isolation, fear, and excessive weight loss. Think, “I would rather eat garbage then McDonald’s.”  Or, “I am going to avoid my family during dinner so I do not have to eat that pasta.”  Or it is “Pizza night on Fridays with my friends.” I can’t go, says the orthorexic.

These diets referred to abovefollow the black and white thinking inherent in depression and anxiety.

These diets tend to run their course of all or nothing.  Either you completely follow them or you are doomed to a life of depression and anxiety. These diets encourage people to quit their medications, that medicine is bad, unhealthy… What a luxury for these people to advise that!

I am assuming none of them have experienced the extremely debilitating effects of people suffering mental illness where medicine can help them going unmedicated  I am not declaring every person needs medication.  Mental illness is also a way of communicating a change in life albeit slowly implemented changes need to occur, examples are a slow integration of learning to incorporate self love, empathy and compassion towards yourself and others, maybe even a spirituality that speaks to you…

Every person has a unique path to wellness.

The correlation of diet and depression…Your path may incorporate one of the diets above, I do encourage you to meet with an MD before launching one of these and a psychiatrist if your medicine is not working or you feel lowering your medication would help you. I ask you to incorporate the middle path, sure try parts of these diets or all of them, but please take what you like and feel resonates and do not beat yourself up if the depression remains or if you can not stick to these diets.

I do not know if this the correct path, but a bit here (maybe only one restriction) (maybe) and bit there (re-evaluating your medicine with an MD or nurse practitioner) may be helpful… Feel free to reach out to me for therapy or to any therapist you feel would be a good match for you.  You do not need to be alone on this journey.  We are here for you.

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.

Ernest Hemingway

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