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Diet and Depression

Diet and depression. There a many many diets out there targeting depression and anxiety. Is there a correlation between diet and depression?  Maybe…studies are on the rise. Many diets proclaim this and unfortunately some of these encourage people to quit their medicine.  The Keto diet, the Kelly Brogdan diet, the Paleo diet, Medical Medium Anthony …

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stress if good

What is Therapy?

What is existential therapy? The other day I received an email update from a former client of mine. She came in crisis a few years ago and thru deliberate holistic work, analyzing biology of depression, integrating tools, and insight oriented therapy, we created together traction, meaning change over time. Now she is happy and thriving. …

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stress is good

Stress is good

  Stress is good. This blog is dedicated to a New Year of courage, resilience and adventure. Kelly McGonigal is a health psychologist on a mission, to undo years of work providing misinformation, that stress is bad for you.  In actuality, the stress response is helpful.  The core of the avoidance pattern so many of us …

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stress is good

Addiction and Love

Addiction, a changing tide. There is an obituary, feel free to click right here,  that is floating over the Facebook stratosphere.  A woman died of addiction and heart break.  We all see this combination.  A mother has a history of addiction and then the most meaningful person in her life is taken away, her child, and …

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This week, our society and culture were blindsided by the fact that mental illness does not discriminate. We saw these beautiful hyper successful people commit suicide this week. Kate Spade and  Anthony Bourdain.  I passed by Kate Spade’s store the other day, a week or so, before she killed herself and thought what beautiful clothes …

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